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July 2016


June Birchbox

June Birchbox 9 It’s my favorite time of the month!  I’m really starting to enjoy getting my Birchbox each month.  Last week I went to Vegas and it was perfect to throw in the sample size products that I have been getting.  It was even better that I have a few SPF samples that I desperately needed for the 110+ degree heat that Vegas was having.  Even though it was incredibly hot, it was a lot of fun to gamble (and sadly lose a bit), eat delicious foods, and be able to do whatever I wanted without having to worry that I had to be somewhere at a certain time.  Vacations are amazing!!!

Back to what I got this month.  I’m going to write this review a little different.  I’m going to review the products that I actually like and the ones I don’t – just a brief description.  However, I did get one product which I am going to do a separate post because I think it’s pretty important.  Here we go!

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer:  I LOVED this moisturizer.  It has just the right amount of thickness that I prefer with my face creams.  Also, it has hyaluronic acid which I have been hearing a lot about in the beauty blog world.  What is this magic acid?  I googled it and it says that it draws water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss.  This is important for aging since our skin loses moisture, resulting in loss of firmness and pliability.  Hyaluronic acid also helps to repair your skin’s barrier and is helpful for all skin types. This lotion is lightweight which is perfect for the summer and even better for my combination skin.  I have used the entire sample and am planning on buying a full size.  The price at $21.00 is not bad either!!!
June Birchbox 5 June Birchbox 1 June Birchbox 11

COOLA Mineral Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint:  I used this while I was in Vegas and it seemed to work pretty well.  It did go on matte but I can’t say for sure if made my face stay matte since it was over 110 degrees and was like I was sitting in an oven.  However, I wouldn’t mind using this again.  There are so many different SPF’s out on the market now.  I think I will stick to my Clarins one for now, but if you are looking for a matte one – this is a great option.June Birchbox 8 June Birchbox 2What I didn’t care for:

Whish Shave Cream with Vitamin K:  This was fun to use just because it’s a fancy schmancy shaving cream.  Do I still prefer using that one I buy from Target?  You betcha…. if it works, why replace it with something twice the price?  This does moisturize your skin, but I can do that with some lotion after shaving.  Skip!June Birchbox 7 June Birchbox 3

Living proof. Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Protector:  I usually put Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil on my hair once a week and sleep on it to help keep it mositurized.  However, trying this out.  It worked fine, but I wasn’t super impressed.  Great sample though.  Glad I was able to try something from the Living proof. line.  I have been meaning to try their hair products out and Birchbox does a great job in helping me do that.  Skip!
June Birchbox 6June Birchbox 4

The last product I got is the Benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel.  Separate post on this next week!  Stay tuned!

Still loving my Birchbox subscription.  Just got one for a friend for her birthday.  If you need a gift for someone who loves beauty, this is the perfect present.  At only $10 a month, you can get a 6 month subscription for $60 and they can customize it to their preferences.  Best gift ever!  Here’s a link if you want to join too!