Charlotte Tilbury 2.0

charlotte-tilbury-2-0-9Last month I was invited to attend a Charlotte Tilbury Master Class held at my local Nordstrom.  I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say that when I left, I had a different view of these classes.  I learned so much that I didn’t know about the Charlotte Tilbury line and applying makeup.  For example, did you know there’s the “feline flick” that Charlotte is known for? Did you know that every single product of her’s has ingredients that are beneficial for your skin?  Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

Here are reviews on some of the products I picked up after the class!

Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer | Nordstrom $100:  Let me start by stating the obvious, this stuff isn’t cheap.  Luckily I had a few Nordstrom Notes that I had saved up and decided to splurge on this little beauty.  Charlotte Tilbury made this for the models who would come in to get their makeup done for runway shows and had dry, unhappy skin due to smoking, not eating right and not getting enough sleep.  This stuff definitely helps to make your skin look healthy after application.  I also love the rose gold packaging!  This cream looks luxurious and heavy, but surprisingly it is not.  It actually absorbs quite nicely into your skin and does not leave your face greasy.  I have been using it every single morning for the last month and my skin actually looks much smoother.  The cream has SPF 15 which makes it good for day but you can also use it at night as well.charlotte-tilbury-2-0-7

Color Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil in Amber Haze | Nordstrom $27.00:  I really wanted to love this.  It looked great when the makeup artist put it on the model.  It’s perfect for creating a smokey eye.  However, my contacts really hated this pencil.  Every time I used it, I would get a cloud on my contact.  If you do not wear contacts, I recommend getting this.  It’s wonderful and the color looks great for those with dark brown eyes, but sadly I had to return it.


‘Hot Lips’ Lipstick in Kim KW | Nordstrom $32.00:  I didn’t think that I would love this but I did!!!  Paired with the Pillow Talk Lip Liner, it looks great.  Yes, it is nude so if you are not the type who likes a natural/nude lip, then you will not like this.  Me, personally, I love anything natural and nude.  The lipstick itself is very moisturizing and not dry at all.  I also like how the lipstick itself is shaped.  Great for making sure to stay within the lines of your cupid’s bow.charlotte-tilbury-2-0-4


*Kim KW lipstick on the bottom, Pillowtalk lipliner on the top*

‘Lip Cheat’ Re-Size and Re-Shape Lip Liner in Pillowtalk | Nordstrom $22.00:  This color is the better version of my natural lip color.  I love it.  I use it with my Hot Lips Kim KW and my Matte Revolution in Very Kate.  It just adds the right amount of color to nudes and natural lipsticks.  It is also velvety and easy to put on.  I love it!

‘Wonderglow’ Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash | Nordstrom $55.00: I saw the makeup artist apply this to the model after the Magic Cream and her skin looked amazing.  This is a primer/anti-aging elixir/complexion-enhancer. When I tried , I didn’t really notice anything except my face was shinier.  I have continued to use it day after day because I keep hoping that one day I will fall in love with it.  At this price, I say skip it.  This may have to go back to the store.


*straight from the tube on the bottom, blended into my skin on the top*

Gift with Purchase – ‘Magic Night Rescue Cream’ Intense Firming, Plumping Balm-Elixir | Nordstrom $145.00:  I love the gardenia smell that this has.  It is my absolute favorite scent.  This cream is a bit oily since it is a “balm/elixir,” but I think it does its job in the dry winter months.  I am going to wait until I use up this deluxe sample but I really like using it at night.  This is a love!charlotte-tilbury-2-0-5

Have you tried anything from the Charlotte Tilbury line?  Good or bad, I want to hear what you thought!  Do you share the same obsession as me?  Tell me!

Until next time!

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    December 13, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    I keep hearing so much about CT! I need to get through my latest stash so I can take the plunge. Thanks for sharing!

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      December 22, 2016 at 8:20 pm

      You definitely need to take the plunge Allison! I love it!!!!

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