How I Clean My Make-Up Brushes

I did NOT want to leave my house this weekend.  It was incredibly hot in LA but I had some errands that needed to be ran along with my cousin’s wedding at a beautiful vineyard.  Was I the only one who wanted to eat ice cream and drink ice cold water all day long?  Ugh it was HOT!  Well, hot weekends are the perfect time for chores inside the nicely air-conditioned house.  Washing my make-up brushes is one of them….

This is a very important topic that should be discussed.  Why?  Because most of the time, I clean my make-up brushes maybe once a month and that’s only because I have finally realized how gross it is to leave your make-up brushes dirty for long periods of time.  I try my hardest to clean them at least every other week, but life happens and you forget.  Well, this post is to remind everyone out there that you MUST at least wash your make-up brushes every few weeks.  Once a week is ideal, especially if you apply a heavy amount of makeup.

Just think of all the germs and bacteria that can grow on a foundation brush.  Or how those pretty eye shadow colors don’t show their true beauty when mixed with last week’s eye shadow colors.  If I am cleaning a brush daily i.e. gel eyeliner brush or a liquid foundation brush then I will quickly clean it with MAC’s Brush Cleaner.  I have it in a spray bottle that I bought at Target.  When I need to clean my brush, I will put a quick spray on the brush and gently wipe it on a paper towel so that all the product comes off.  If I have time, I will rinse it with water and then pat it to dry with a clean towel.

However, for my weekly brush cleaning I use beautyblender’s solid cleanser.  I used it for my beautyblender and loved it so much that I decided to try it for my regular brushes.  AND it’s GREAT!  This solid cleanser gets out everything and I feel like it isn’t ruining the brush hairs.  Now follow along as I show you how I clean my brushes… Ready, set, GO!

How To Clean Brushes 1Step 1: Get your brush wet (always make sure that the brush head is facing down at all times.  You do not want water getting into the handle and loosening the glue.)
How To Clean Brushes 12 Step 2: Swirl your brush on the solid cleanser
How To Clean Brushes 7Step 3: Swirl the brush on the palm of your hand to get those soapy suds
How To Clean Brushes 8Step 4: Rinse (Repeat steps 2-4 until the water runs clear when rinsing the brush)
How To Clean Brushes 11Step 5:
Wring out the brush to get out the excess water
How To Clean Brushes 2Step 6: Carefully lay the brushes on a dry towel.  Make sure the brush head that is touching the towel is laid out completely flat.  If not, it will dry with the bristles going in random directions – not fun.  DO NOT blow dry your brushes.  I tried that once when I was in a hurry and the bristles ended up frizzy and I had to rewash my brushes.

Hope this helped!  Does anyone else have a hard time remembering to wash your makeup brushes on a weekly basis?  Let’s be real – I only cleaned mine this weekend because I felt guilty telling all of you to clean your brushes when mine are dirty dirty dirty!

Stay cool out there!

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