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I love reading “empties” posts.  It usually takes me awhile to finish things unless I really love them.  I have a tendency to save things and try to use them sparingly in order to not waste them.  Slowly, I am learning to NOT do that because what’s the point in saving a face cream if it’s going to expire in 6 months?  I actually finished quite a few things these last 2 months which worries me that I won’t have anything for March & April, but that’s okay.  These will be short mini-reviews so this post isn’t incredibly long.  Most of these items are staples that I consistently buy….  Ready?  Set … GO!

Neutrogena Cleansing Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover:  My absolute favorite! I feel like it takes everything off and is perfect for when I’m getting off work and need to take all my makeup off before working out.  Also, I find that as long as you close it properly, it doesn’t dry out as fast as some other makeup remover wipes.  5/5

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover:  The best bang for your buck!  I used to buy the department store makeup removers and then I tried this one out.  It works just as well if not better than the expensive stuff you can get at your local department store.  I buy this in bulk!  5/5

Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum:  My girl friends and I were at Sephora and the Caudalie rep was there.  She was AMAZING!  I have worked in sales for a very long time and this lady made me want to buy everything!  I ended up getting this serum along with a cleansing water (which I will review later) and I have to say I didn’t love it.  It smells lovely and I like how it comes in a glass bottle – feels very fancy.  What I didn’t like is that my face immediately felt sticky after applying this product.  Plus, I didn’t really notice a difference.  Sorry Caudalie … 3/5

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium:  Read the Review HERE

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner:  This is a STAPLE in my makeup bag.  Sometimes my eyes water in the corners of my eye randomly throughout the day and the other liquid eyeliners would smudge.  This does not budge AT ALL. Also, I love how the point is thin and sharp for those cat eyes I love to do.  What’s even better… it’s BLACK.  The blackest black of all!  5/5

Cle de Peau Corrector Stick Ivory:  I know, this is so expensive but it’s totally worth it!  Let me explain why before you discredit everything I’ve written on this blog.  First of all … that tube lasted me an ENTIRE YEAR and I pretty much used it everyday, twice a day if there were some extra friends on my face that I didn’t want seen.  Also, it’s creamy but thick so it covers everything.  Now, I didn’t use this for under my eyes, just redness.  I have another product that’s amazing for under eyes that I’ll review this month.  This is PERFECT for redness.  Take the plunge and splurge!  5/5

Cle de Peau Eyebrow Pencil:  This is one of those expensive purchases too… but not as bad as the corrector stick.  You do have to buy the eyebrow pencil cartridge separate from the holder – if that just made any sense.  However, once you’re done  – you only have to buy the refill which really isn’t that much.  Why I love this product so much and why I’m also on my second refill?  The color and the consistency of the pencil.  I’m obviously Asian (Chinese to be exact) and I don’t want brown eyebrows.  The color 204 is the perfect shade of a black/grey and blends beautifully with my eyebrows.  Also, it’s not shaped in a circle like most eyebrow pencils, it’s an angled rectangle shape.   Perfect for drawing in those stray hairs.  I have tried other more popular eyebrow pencils but I always come back to this.  I highly suggest this if you are Asian with sparse black eyebrows.  5/5

I told you that Simon would make show up in some of my posts and there he is in the 2nd photo!

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