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IMG_2205IMG_2206IMG_2207This review is for my good friend Kathy up in San Francisco!  She asked me to review a sunblock since she has been trying to find the right one and hasn’t had any luck.  Well Kathy, you don’t have to look anymore because here is my favorite face sunblock!  I have tried a few other brands like Neutrogena, Shiseido (which my sister loves & it’s also a good product, but it’s not my cup of tea) and Supergoop! so I have been around the block with face SPF.  Usually I don’t like how my face feels sticky after application, or how my makeup doesn’t blend well.  It’s really quite obnoxious if you need to put something over the SPF.  While I was working at the big fancy back in the day, I heard that Clarins had a great SPF.  I laughed … why would I use Clarins?  I didn’t know anything about the brand and I thought only people my mom’s age used the brand.  Welp… I was wrong.  I actually ended up using the brand for a year but I like to switch things up so I ventured on to other brands.  BUT their products are great.  I’ll do a review on a few of them later on.

Anyway, why do I like this stuff?  If you look at the pictures that I posted of the product on my hand you can see that it’s starting to run down the back of my hand because it’s a bit watery – which is fine.  After rubbing it in a bit, it’s still there.  Then when you rub it in completely you can barely tell that I put anything on.  Notice how the back of my hand isn’t SHINY?  The product actually absorbs really well and my face even feels softer.  It’s perfect for when you have to apply foundation and blush.

Quick tip:  Make sure that you shake the bottle before applying.  The liquid separates and there’s even something inside the bottle to help you mix it up!  One time this lady wanted to return a bottle because she said it was expired.  Nope, you just need to shake it lady.

Final thoughts:  So Kathy – try this stuff out.  I’m pretty sure you will love it as much as I do!  Plus, we’re getting old.  Sun spots are the devil …. 5/5

Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection SPF 40 | $34.99 |

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