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Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Cream


Price: $90.00 | Nordstrom

I have always been a fan of Fresh’s clean look and high quality packaging.  It took some time for me to get used to the scent of some of their products (Soy Cleanser I’m looking at you!), but you do get used to it after awhile.  I somewhat even enjoy the smell of rotten cucumbers now.  Anyhow, I had my eye on their Black Tea Age Delay Face Cream.  Ever since I turned 30 years old, I have been trying out different products to stop any aging that may be occurring on my face.  If I can stop wrinkles before they begin showing up…all the better right?

I tried this out for over a month and I have to say that I really like it. I love the consistency of the face cream.  It’s right in the middle – not too light and not too thick.  When you use your fingers to pick up some cream, you’re able to pick up the right amount.  I know it helps to save money, but sometimes I hate it when the cream is super thick and you only need a tiny dab to cover your whole face.  I just don’t feel like face cream should be like that.  But, this cream definitely gives my skin a nice glow after application which I like.

Final Thoughts:  I really enjoyed this cream.  My face didn’t feel dry and I didn’t notice any new wrinkles (thank goodness!).  I would say that if you’re looking for a mid-priced face cream (and by “mid” I mean between drug store and La Mer/La Prairie/SKII), then this is a good choice.  I didn’t find anything I didn’t like about this … so I’ll give this a 5/5.  

Until next time!